9 tips to improve your Google ranking

Improve your SEO

On page SEO is the fastest way to improve your Google rankings because you can optimize your page in 2 minutes and start to see results within a week. SEO is an acronym meaning search engine optimization, it optimizes your website to get unpaid traffic from the search engine result page. When using this tool the hope is that your website will be displayed at the top of the Google search.

Optimizing for Mobile Use

In 2018 Google created and released something called mobile first indexing. Mobile first indexing means when searching websites on your phone, if a site is not mobile friendly it will drop in the Google rankings. This is a very important thing because think of all of the people that search websites on their phones.

Optimizing your Website for Speed

Google finds millions of websites for every search you make, if your website is slow to load or come across by Google it wouldn’t be a surprise that they aren’t recognizing you and putting you on the first page of Google. Use the Google Page Speed tool to benchmark your websites performance. Making videos and pictures on your website load faster will also increase the number of people that will stay engaged with your page.

Making your Website Secure (SSL)

An SSL can make your website secure and allow you, and only you to control your website. SSL stands for secure sockets layer, it is protocol for a web browser and servers that requires authentication, encryption, and decryption of data sent over the internet creating a safe website for the user and the owner.

Look at the Queries report

This report will tell you all of the phrases you rank for, and all of the times you’ve appeared in Google, the number of times your page has been visited, and how high you rank for that particular phrase. It is a great tool to see where you are currently and where you can improve upon to higher your ranking for Google.

Set an Advanced filter

Advanced filters allow you to limit and modify traffic data so that is does not get skewed. These will allow you to segment your data into smaller groups which allows you to dissect what is working and what isn’t.

Continuous Improvement

Making constant changes to your website in order for people to look at your website more than others is very important. Whether it be changing the theme of your website based on the seasons or holidays, basic changes like that to your website can attract different people and potential consumers of your website. Visual appearance is a key way to have your site visited more.

Fix Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can injure your websites rankings because Google recognizes the duplicate content and perceives it as manipulative. Duplicate content can be easily fixed by setting the proper redirect rules in your .htaccess file.

Improve the Quality of your Website

It seems like a basic and easy topic but it’s true, having a generally good website all around will attract people and most importantly attract Google to your website. Creating an easy, visually appealing, and creative website can make all the difference when being searched on Google.

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