It is Important that Your Website is Both Responsive and Mobile friendly.

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A Responsive website will adapt to any standard size setting. It will always display a full page and will not scroll right to left. All links will be created large enough that you can click them. They will adapt to mobile, table and desktop views.

A Mobile Friendly website is when a website presents itself proper on a mobile device. In many instances a mobile view will be different than a desktop view. On mobile images may be stacked instead on side by side on the desktop. In 2018, Google came out with “Mobile first” and would present sites to a user only if they were mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will be lower in the rankings with Google. This became even more important in 2020 when 70.1% of website views came from individuals using their smartphones. Building a website with mobile first mentality is the way to go.

As you continue to enhance your website, these are key factors to consider and double check to make sure you are getting higher rankings with Google.

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