The power of “NO” in business

In the big world of business, everyone looks for tools and tricks to improve client relations as well as improve overall revenue. One tool that is heavily underused, and is the word “no”. The word no can be interpreted in many ways, which is why it is so useful. It can be used to stop a client from demanding something that simply is not going to fly with your side of the business. That way you don’t get taken advantage of and both sides can benefit from each other through compromising. The word no could also be said to you by a client, and in most cases, a no from a client sounds like a bad thing but when you accept the no from a client it shows that you still want to work with them and that can build relationships. No, can also be used to improve the quality of your business or product by looking at what most clients or customers say no to.
When accepting a no from a client it may seem like a slap across the face but in all reality, it opens up other possible conversations that may lead to other business being done. A no from a client doesn’t mean that the client doesn’t like you or is done working with you, this simply isn’t true. They don’t like what they are receiving and they want to tell you that it isn’t going to slide. This is business and not everyone can get what they want whenever they want, it’s a game of pick and chooses. Some clients may be forced to say no because of their boss or some other higher influence and to that you just have to be okay with a no. The interest of their business is a higher priority than a deal so don’t get discouraged when someone says no, it is going to happen at some point.
Your business or product can be refined to near perfection if you are able to take the no’s and understand what they mean. Some no’s maybe because they don’t like the product in some areas and for some a no means that they just didn’t like the business. A business and a product can change just like the answer from a client after taking the facts of what people do not like and making it better. Most of the time when someone says no the first response we have is, “why?” As you should ask why the answer was a no it’s better to be more specific when asking why, because if the client doesn’t really have an answer then there is no reason why the deal or transaction shouldn’t continue.
The word no actually builds more depth in the relationship of a client and yourself because it lets the other person know that you have boundaries. These boundaries let your client know that they can’t make any unfair demands from you or your business. It is drastically easier to say no to someone that you’re comfortable with. An example would be your friends it is much easier to tell them no than a stranger because you have a background with them and they know they want what’s in your best interest. The same goes for business it would be much simpler to talk to a client as a friend rather than a business client. Saying no also lets the client know that they have the ability to say no as well, both parties should be looking in the best interest of each other.
The power of no is a very strong answer and it should always be backed up by some sort of explanation, this allows both parties to get what they want out of a deal. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is business, it’s give and take and sometimes you just can’t force yourself to say yes so instead say no and see what changes it can bring for your business.

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