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Getting traffic to your website is very important. There are a number of ways that customers can be encouraged to visit your site. Remember, your website is the only thing you can truly control online. Social media organizations can do what they want, but you have full control of your website. It is the best way to get your message to the world. We can help you sort through a large variety of ways to digitally market your site.

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Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term that covers a lot of different elements relating to digital marketing and advertising. There are a number of strategies that can help to push your website up in the search results.

Here are the most popular forms of SEM

  • Pay per click (PPC) Advertising – When you do a search online with a search engine on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop, the search engine will return two types of results to you.
    • Paid ads – these are the ads that appear on the top of the page, the side of page and sometimes at the bottom of the page.  Next to these results you will typically see the word “Ad.”
    • Natural or organic results – These are websites that were found to have relevant information to what you searched for.  The search engines go out and look at websites and return the best results for you that they can find.  These natural or organic results are usually found in the middle of the page or just below the top “ads” that have been purchased through PPC (Pay Per Click).
  • Display Advertising –  This is form of advertising that is paid and you usually find these on social media feeds, banners on websites or news sites, online videos and various other areas online.  The premise for this type of advertising is that by putting a company’s name, logo or ad in front of them enough times with offers, they click on one of the ads and then be directed to a landing page, website or another destination to find out more about the advertisers services/products.
  • Remarketing or Retargeting – This is the process of placing advertisements, either text or banner-type ads in front of people who are navigating the web that have visited your website or landing page.   When they last visited your website or landing page, the system will tag the end user and follow them around the world wide web. This enables the system to place ads in front of them when they are on other websites shopping, reading or just browsing on the web.  You pay for this type of advertising on an impression basis.  Have you ever been on a website and went to another website and immediately see an ad for that company whose website you recently visited?  This is called retargeting.

The Move Up Faster team can help you understand search engine marketing and help you determine what forms of digital marketing tactics are best for your company.  The online world is very competitive and you need to align yourself with experts that can help you move up faster!

I had a bunch of people tell me that I needed to get more digital marketing services. After Move Up Faster explained how it all works, I decided it wasn’t for me right now.

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Video can have a dramatic impact on your website. Whether you are conveying imagery, providing important information, or providing your value proposition, video can effectively deliver the message. Move Up Faster can assist you with your video needs. We can help with hosting and editing your video, as well as in selecting the best video imagery and also help you to build montage videos. We even can arrange to have video crews onsite at your location.

Think about using a Montage video where you can orchestrate a series of static screen messages with animations and motion that make a dramatic presentation. Video clearly will draw your site visitor to action. Deliver a complete sales pitch, or demonstrate your product.
Learn More About Video . . .

Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Move Up Faster offers expert SEO practices that will keep your business closer to the top of organic search engine results. These techniques are proven to help your business get found online with a few simple additions to the copy. We will do plenty of research to learn about your targeted audience and what words they may be using to search for services or products they need.

In addition, there are some technical things that can be done underneath the covers on your website such as page coding, image identification, metatags, loading speed and mobile-friendliness. Google now pushes websites with solid mobile performance higher in the search rankings. Learn More About Advanced SEO . . .

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Social Media

Move Up Faster creates and manages social media pages for you. These include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. These platforms allow us to build their branding, post content and reach targeted audiences. We offer several options including how frequently we post, what types of posts we submit, and what methods we use for monitoring the effectiveness of these posts.

Before you decide to manage your Social Media digital marketing, remember that this is a very labor-intensive process. You need to make sure that you are comfortable writing content and monitoring comments for negative responses. Learn More About Social Media . . .

Are you going to handle social media yourself? Or … Hire a professional?

Talk to one of our experts to decide if one of these options, if any, are right for you.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a great way to get your business’s Facebook page and website in front of a wider audience on Facebook. There are many different ad options, from videos and graphics to product carousels and interactive ads. There is also a wide variety of targeting tools so you can use Facebook’s algorithms to your advantage to reach your target audience.

With so many different formatting and targeting options, it’s vital to keep track of your campaign analytics so you know what works with your audience. At Move Up Faster, our knowledgeable marketing team will work with you to identify your target audience and will help set up ads to work for you. We’ll also keep track of the performance of each ad to determine if it’s meeting your goals, and adjust it if needed to help it perform as well as it can. Learn More About Facebook Advertising . . .

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