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Why is Training Important?

An excellent way to increase your revenue and the overall productivity of your team is to give them some training.

Move Up Faster provides business training for both business owners and their staff.  We train on a variety of topics and if you need specialized or custom training for your team we create and implement it.

Do your employees need training on:

  • How to handling incoming leads from email, phone and online inquires.
  • How to ask for referrals from a satisfied customer.
  • How to ask for a testimonial?
  • How to manage people without direct authority?
  • Follow up without being told to?

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Business Has Changed Forever

Business has changed forever and you and your company will either change and adapt to new ways of doing business or you will be beat by your competitors.  Move Up Faster can train your team to not only accept change but learn how to apply to their everyday transactions and actually thrive on it.

Leveraging electronic communications will be critical to your success moving forward. The days of the in-person sales call or business lunch may be a thing of the past. It is critical that your team understand how to effectively use the communication channels that are available.

  • Make better phone calls
  • Write better emails
  • Make your best appearance on a video conference
  • Make your presentations speak for themselves
  • Develop an effective follow-up cadence


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Training Delivery

How you deliver training especially in today’s pandemic environment is very important.

Move Up Faster provides a number of different ways to deliver remote training to your team. We can create custom curriculum on our LMS system complete with metrics tests and attendance. We also can help you to create video training that can be leveraged by employees to learn new skills or reinforce existing skills.

  • Video Training Production
  • Computer Based Training Development
  • LMS Programs
  • Curriculum Development


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