Add Personality to Your Marketing Material!

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Any smart business owner knows how important it is to use a variety of marketing materials to give a certain style and tone to your business and attract customers. From your website and business cards to email campaigns and pamphlets, your marketing material should be an example of your business culture, as well as what you can offer them. With this in mind, it can make a world of difference if you incorporate your own personality into your marketing. Give your content a voice and attitude that reflects what you want customers to experience when they work with you. You’ve got a personality, so it’s time to show it!

One way to start getting your personality into your marketing is with a newsletter. This is a great way to show recent events that you’ve participated in or held at your business, as well as upcoming promotions for customers to look forward to. Get creative while you’re putting together your newsletter by adding in images from events or of staff, customer quotes, or stories to put a face to your business and make customers feel involved. Show customers what kind of business you run with a tone that’s friendly, dedicated, and energetic.

Use this same idea to write copy for your other marketing material. Saturate it with your personality and energy level. An “About Us” page on your website is an excellent place to relate your personal interests to the service or products you provide. Tell customers about yourself and show them how dedicated you are to your business and the service you can provide them.

Write your copy like you’re having a conversation with customers, too! Write in second person (you) and tell them specifically what you offer and how it can help them. Keep your text simple and to the point, and answer commonly asked questions in your content. If customers ask the same question over and over, put the answer in the copy right on the home page of your website. The more open you are with customers, the more trustworthy you’ll appear.

Make sure you’re also keeping your content fresh and up to date on all of your marketing materials. You can keep the same logo and colors, but use new pictures, change up staff photos, and update your website images and text to make sure it changes as your business changes. This will also help customers feel like they’re being kept in the loop with your business.

All of the special attention you give to your marketing material will show customers how serious you are about your business and that you work hard to provide them with the services and products they need.  Whether you’re just starting out, or revamping your marketing strategy, focusing on personality and tone as well as the look of your marketing material can help your business move up faster.

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