How to Take Your Emails to the Next Level

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Keeping up with your email inbox at work can be a nearly constant struggle. Writing emails also consumes a lot of time during the day because it requires reading and rereading what we’ve composed to make sure to get our message across. Someone at all of our jobs also finds themselves tasked with creating mass emails, either for customers or internal messaging. Whether we like it or not, most of us are always tethered to our email service, needing to check it constantly to stay up to date with what is going on.

One of the most effective ways to make sure your emails get answered is by including a discount in the tagline. Driving the traffic to your website or sales channels is a lot of work, but once it’s there you can reap the rewards. Make sure to mention recent achievements and accomplishments within the body of your email to give your business as much credibility as possible.

Many of us are dealing with the exact same tools when taking care of emails. When it comes down to it, the system is more or less based around composing messages, writing subject lines, selecting the recipients and pressing “send,” there’s nothing glamorous about it. For many of us writing emails is second nature, leading us to pay less attention to the subject lines and vocabulary that are present in each exchange. There a couple ways to improve subject lines, one of our favorites is to use action verbs to excite and motivate readers. Adding emojis and using colorful stylings may help your email stand out as well. Since there’s also hundreds of other emails in everyone’s inboxes, it’s important to try to draw the eye of the viewer in any way possible.
None of us can avoid the constant chore of sorting emails, either. Fortunately, advanced settings within your mailbox make it a lot easier to automate part of the process. You can create new rules to automatically filter emails to the correct inbox, which can be helpful. Adding new categories to emails, color coding them and learning to flag emails can also be handy. To skip the step of having to type in email addresses to subject lines, you can search for previous emails.

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