Improve Brand Recognition: 3 Unique Ways to Use Your Logo

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Creatively displaying your logo can be a great way to get your business name out there and improve your brand recognition with customers. Sure, you’re already seeing your logo every day – it’s on your business cards, stationery, and website – but are you taking advantage of the wide variety of places you can display your logo to get it in front of potential customers? Here are a few ideas for you to get started:

  1. Put it on a car, truck, or van. Putting your logo on a vehicle practically turns it into a moving billboard that will be seen by a much wider audience. Display it prominently on delivery trucks and company cars so people will recognize your business. You can even get strong magnet decals for your sales team’s cars to stick on while they’re out on sales calls or other business trips. Even you don’t have company vehicles, this is still an option! Ask family, friends, and neighbors to display your logo decals on their cars. You can even offer window stickers, bumper stickers, or magnet decals as promotional gifts for customers.
  1. Put your logo on EVERYTHING associated with your business. Napkins, boxes, bags…any products that you use in your business or provide to customers should have your logo on them. You can get custom branded products, or simply different sized stickers with your logo and business name to put on EVERYTHING. If your business doesn’t sell products, you can still put your logo on office pens, stationery, and anything else you use to present your services to customers.
  1. Sponsor a sports league. From racing to football, businesses have been sponsoring sports teams to get their name in front of a huge audience and bring in business for years. A great way to display your logo is to sponsor a local sports team such as little league, bowling, or a golf team. You can get your logo on their uniforms, hats, and even merchandise! It’s like having someone else do your advertising for you, and it will show that you’re involved in your community.

Think outside the box and get creative with logo placement. You can get branded products associated with your business, such as a bottle opener for a brewery or t-shirts for an apparel boutique. Choose items that people will use so they’re seeing your logo regularly and your business stands out in their mind when they need your service or products.

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