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Both packages are eligibleĀ for the options below:

  • Advanced SEO
  • E-Commerce and Online Purchases
  • Membership Platforms
  • Ticketing and Events
  • Calendars/Appointment Scheduling
  • Local Claiming
  • Video Editing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Product Configurators
  • Onsite Video
  • Social Media Content
  • Reputation Management

Having a bunch of options is great when you know what you want or what you need… But if you don’t, its very confusing! Let Move Up Faster take the guesswork out of what the best options are for your new website and your online presence.

We will make recommendations to you based on what you need AFTER we find out where the opportunities are for you and your company.

Do I need Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and what that is in a nutshell is the “art” of getting more natural or unpaid searches from the search engines to your website. We say art because there isn’t just one technique that is the silver bullet for SEO, so you have to add experience, expertise and strategy to get higher in the search engine without paying for the placement through online advertising.

There is a science to SEO and that is the more technical part of the process and that includes how your website presents itself to the search engines, how you organize the website and the quality and quantity of relevant content/copy/words on your website.

Move up faster will assess your current online results and suggest the best plan going forward for you.

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Is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising right for my company?

It depends on a couple of key factors;

  1. How long has your company been online, how old is your website? – Many times your website isn’t working right and the search engines can’t find you because of technical problems with your website. If that is the case just getting a new, technically correct website might be the first step. If you’re a new company in a competitive market it could be the amount of content on your site. It may not be enough to compete.
  2. How competitive is your type of business and your market? – If you’re in a larger market and a competitive type of business and you’ve done a good job on SEO, then PPC may be a good option for your company.
  3. Are you in a big city metro area? If so, and there are a lot of long-term established competitors in your marketplace, PPC could be the best short-term answer for you to get in the mix. Move Up Faster can take what we learned building your site and apply it to your PPC advertising.

For complex and competitive business challenges call Move Up Faster.

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Social Networks

How should I use Social Media?

Social Media is another area that can be a double-edge sword for businesses. Be careful what you ask for because the more you communicate on social media the more time you will need to spend on it responding to people.

When should I respond to people who communicate with me on social media for my business?

The sooner the better. Most people are looking for information right away, so the longer you wait to respond, the greater the chance the person has either moved on to another company or they will lose confidence in your company.

What is the best social media for my business?

That depends on the type of business you are in and how much time you can devote to responding to social media inquiries. Larger companies may have a person who manages social media full time and in smaller companies the owner or key person responds when they can.

Call us to find out more about how social media could help or hurt your company.

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What does On-site video mean?

Having a video on your site describing your company and its key reasons to work with you or telling visitors about your offerings is important in today’s online world. Videos come up in search a lot and if your competitors don’t have a video and you do, it’s just another way to come up higher in searches than your competition.

Move up faster has multiple video options to work within your budget.

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Reputation Management

What about reviews and reputation management? Is that something I need?

Reviews can help your company in today’s online world when they’re good and they can hurt you when they’re bad. This is another one of those double edge swords. People enjoy giving their feedback on their experiences with companies today, it makes them feel heard and also gives them a feeling of contribution. Our team can provide you input on your options relating to reviews and reputation management and answer all your questions.

Have you heard of other online terms or tools you would like to find out more about? Call our team at Move Up Faster and we’ll be happy to help!

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