Pick Up the Phone: Improving Your Customer Service

Woman on Customer Call

We’ve all tried to call a business or customer to clarify a request and had the phone just ring and ring. Usually, you’ll get prompted to leave a voicemail, or you give up and hang up after the twelfth ring. Even if you do leave a voicemail, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a call back the same day. It’s frustrating, and it can feel like a waste of time to keep calling only to get voicemail. No one likes it when this happens, so you shouldn’t be doing it to your customers either!

Granted, there will be times when you are unable to pick up the phone when you’re out of the office or in a meeting, but while you’re working you should prioritize phone calls as much as you possibly can. Stop what you’re doing and pick up the phone. This shows better customer service and improves your business practices overall. What if a supplier is calling you with a question? If you don’t answer the phone they may just guess your answer and you wind up with an order of the wrong color product. Save yourself and your business partners’ time and energy by picking up the phone the first time.

While email is often the primary form of communication for businesses, there are many situations where a phone call is better. A customer may need to change an appointment time, or a supplier may need to adjust the shipment of an order and it’s easier to call and sort it out than emailing back and forth all day. Most importantly, some people simply prefer to communicate over the phone. It’s more personal and interactive, so you should make sure you accommodate customers by being willing to help them over the phone when they call.

If you have the habit of ignoring the phone when it rings and dealing with voicemails later, you should break that habit sooner rather than later. Picking up the phone will improve your customer service greatly and will show customers that you value their time and business.

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