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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social media is not only an excellent marketing tool, but it’s another channel of communication between you and your customers that can help you build strong, long-lasting professional relationships. With social media, you can build up your brand, post interesting content to keep followers interested, answer customer questions, and reach target audiences to market your services or products. With all of the different social media platforms out there, you can really customize a marketing plan that will target your specific audience and help you reach more customers.

The experienced team at Move Up Faster will help you decide which social media platforms will be best for your business, and we can even manage your social media pages for you! From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more, we can manage and monitor your social media accounts to optimize them for marketing on each platform. We will also work with you to create content that will build up and maintain your brand to customers. Most importantly, we’ll keep track of the analytics for your social media pages to create a marketing and content plan that is as unique as your business.

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Managing Social Media

When you’re considering including social media in your marketing plan, it’s important to consider the unique needs of social media and if you’ll manage it yourself or hire a professional to manage your social media for you. We’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each, and help you decide how you’d like to manage your social media marketing.

Should you Manage Social Media Yourself?


  • Create your own content with your voice
  • Closely monitor comments and criticisms
  • Answer customer questions
  • Interact with customers and build rapport


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires close monitoring
  • Must be able to handle negative comments
  • Coming up with and writing your own content can be tricky
  • Quickly changing marketing trends to keep track of

Should You Hire a Professional Social Media Manager?


  • Professionals to write content for you
  • Help with analytics and SEO
  • Experienced strategy building
  • Understanding of trends and effective social media marketing methods


  • Trusting someone else with your business’s online reputation
  • Less direct interaction with followers and customers
  • Some customer questions will still need to be run by you

At Move Up Faster, we offer a variety of tools and insider experience to help you navigate the online world. Whether you decide to manage your own social media or would like us to manage your pages for you, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure we’re meeting you and your business’s needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started with social media marketing!

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