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Video Marketing & Advertising

With the increasingly Go-Go-Go mentality of the online world, users’ attention spans are decreasing, and advertisers must adjust their approach to keep attracting customers. Rather than creating flyers or text-heavy ads, many are opting for video advertisements for their digital marketing plans. Video banner ads or video social media ads can help create an attractive, eye-catching ad that will draw customers in with valuable information to pique their interest and get them visiting your site.

Many businesses are also using videos on their website to either create an eye-catching home page or provide comprehensive information for users in a short, easy to understand video. From an image montage of your past projects to a sales pitch video, there are a variety of different options and Move Up Faster is here to help!

Whether you’re using videos for advertisements or your website, it is vital to have a well-produced video to convey the right tone to your customers. We can help you to create the perfect video to represent your business with hosting and editing services. We will also work with you to either select great imagery to build a montage video, or we can arrange to have a video crew film onsite to create professional, quality videos for your business.

Video Marketing

How can you use videos ads?

Videos can be used almost anywhere you would post a digital advertisement, such as banner videos and auto-playing videos on other websites. However, one of the most optimized places for video advertisements is in social media. Whether you want to create a Facebook or Twitter ad with a video to catch people’s eyes while scrolling, or a live video story for Facebook or Instagram, there are a variety of different options to reach potential customers via social media videos. An excellent aspect of social media advertisements is that they can be designed to look like regular posts, so users are more likely to pause and watch your video.

Video Advertising

Videos Improve User Experience

Videos are a great addition to your website and can help to add the finish touches to create a unified, professional look that’s both attractive and informational for customers. Whether you want to add a montage for a banner video, informational videos to describe your services or show your process, or even some customer testimonial videos, we can help create and embed videos into your site to improve on the user experience-focused design. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create beautiful videos for your website!

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