What is pay-per-click advertising?

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One of the most popular ways to run an advertising campaign is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It offers some advantages compared to similar digital marketing campaigns, but will really only work to your advantage if it meets the criteria you’re looking for. Read on below to hear more about the way these campaigns work.

One of the benefits of Pay-Per-Click advertising is that it can be quantified and measured to gauge exactly how successful each campaign has been. You do have to provide your own ad for the campaign, but that can help you decide on the direction you’d like to take your advertising and provide you with new keywords to use. PPC campaigns offer a lot of customization, you can choose to target a specific audience based on location, demographic, keywords and more. Once you’ve decided on the app and put the wheels in motion, it will appear across channels including searches on search engines, Facebook, websites and other social media platforms.

There are many factors you need to consider when creating your new PPC campaign. What kind of budget will you be working with? How long do you need the campaign to go for? Do you have specific keywords that you’ve researched to target a specific audience? Work you do on the campaign can also easily be translated to other parts of your business, like if you create new advertisements or write new ad copy. It’s important to also update your website with information about the ad to establish consistency across your branding.

The same limitations of all other types of advertising also apply to pay-per-click advertising. When a user clicks on your ad it will redirect them to your site, but it doesn’t guarantee a sale. It also requires special knowledge to set up one of these campaigns so there can be extra cost associated with hiring an agency to take care of it for you. Also, these campaigns can be a lot of work and require persistence and careful analysis of data. If you forget about the campaign it will continue on until your budget is used up, but if you aren’t making edits and analyzing data as it’s going on you could be missing out on results.

Valuable leads and new sales are what you have to look forward when you run a PPC campaign properly. If you’re finding the correct audience through your marketing efforts, it can be an easily quantifiable, documentable way to find new clients. Make sure to consider some of the factors above if you decide to use PPC for your next advertising campaign!

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