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Why is SEO Important?

The best way to increase organic traffic to your site is through comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. With keyword-driven content throughout your site, as well as adjustments to the base coding, your website’s ranking can improve in search engine listings which will help drive more customers to your business.

Search Engine Optimization for Content

The team at Move-Up Faster will take the time to learn about your small business and target audience so we can cater your SEO Package for the best results. After we understand your needs, we’ll research keywords that are being used in searches by customers so we can adjust your site’s content to include frequently searched terms and help your site to show up in more online searches.

Our SEO team may perform a content audit of your site’s existing content to determine if there is any information that can be improved with keywords, location targeting, or rewriting for better readability. We’ll also work with you to determine if there’s any outdated information or particularly low performing pages and decide what can be deleted or updated.

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SEO for Your Website

Making some tweaks to the back end of your website can often make or break your SEO. We start with creating focused, keyword-driven title tags and meta descriptions for every page of your site. This is the title and description of the listing that will show up in a search, so we’ll make sure it’s representative of the information on the page and includes important terms that customers will likely search for. We can even add tags to your images and headings to help search engines index your site more efficiently and improve your SEO ratings. Finally, we’ll look at the different factors that Google uses to rank websites, such as loading speed and mobile-friendliness and work with you to make adjustments to improve your site as much as possible.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your site, and at Move Up Faster, we will work directly with you to improve your website’s content and back end coding to ensure you’re meeting the best SEO techniques. Contact us today to get started!

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